Distinction according to function

The function of some networks focuses on the exchange of content made available to users. For example, WikiProjects, where anyone can read or edit an article by accessing the site, is designed to inform or educate. The main function of other forms of social media, such as Instagram or Flickr, is to share photos, while others, such as Twitter, allow users to post personal thoughts and other content on a regular basis. And then there is Dailymotion or even YouTube, which hosts their users’ videos.

Some social networks, such as Facebook, have functions which focus on the relationships between their users. Special interest sites aim to connect people who have the same kinds of interests. Other sites, such as LinkedIn, Xing, specific blogs and podcasts, allows users to present themselves personally and manage their identity and reputation (Federal Council, Cadre juridique pour les médias sociaux [Legal Basis for Social Media], Report of the Federal Council in Fulfilment of the Amherd Postulate 11.3912 of 29 September 2011, p. 9).