If you have questions regarding Swiss digital law issues, to which you cannot find an answer on our platform, the team of legal experts working for the Center will be more than happy to answer your questions personally.

We offer Swiss higher education students and staff members a free advice to simple questions. For all other users and for all more complex and time consuming questions, we will provide you with and appropriate cost estimation for a professional answer.


You can ask your question writing an e-mail in Italian, French, German or English at the address specifying:

  • country / city where the work is used and where the involved parties live (the case must at least be related to the Swiss law) ;
  • details of the work’s typology (picture, image, illustrative book, movie, book, textbook, newspaper, TV, bachelor / master / PhD thesis, painting, song, CD album, architecture, work with scientific or technical content, …);
  • details of the work’s use: for private, commercial or educational use (explain the circle of users).