The Competence Center in Digital Law offers a vast choice of training activities about Copyright, Privacy and Personal data protection ranging from in-person workshops/seminars to online courses such as webinars or interactive case studies to work through directly on the platform. All webinars can be hold in English, German, French or Italian.


Intro to Swiss copyright law

Basics of Swiss copyright law: use of protected work, copyright owners, protected rights, exceptions (private use, educational purposes, professional use, quotation, ect.).

How to use a copyright protected work

This course focuses on the user perspective and gives users advice on how they can use a specific work.

Use of works in education

The exception “Private use for educational purposes” and its limits, the role of Collecting Societies and Joint Tariffs, the Open Educational Resources.

Plagiarism and good scientific practices in academic writing

Concepts and legal framework of plagiarism and good scientific practices (copyright law and regulations of educational institutes), citation rules and the use of tools such as ChatGPT.

Publishing academic articles as Open Access and second publication right

Contractual obligations and rights of authors and publishers, including second publication right; funder's requirements; how to publish as OA; what is possible to negotiate when different interests are involved.

Creative Commons licenses

Principles of public licenses with a particular focus on CC licenses; differences between public domain, copyleft, the 6 CC licenses and their 4 clauses (BY, SA, ND, NC).


Software copyright protection and licensing; differences between Free Software Foundation and Open Source Initiative, proprietary and permissive licenses, strong and weak copyleft.

Data Protection

Intro to Swiss data protection law

Basics of privacy and Swiss data protection law; differences between the old and the new Swiss legislation (which entered into force 1.9.2023).

Data protection law in education

Privacy at school: what should teachers consider when processing students' personal data; when and how should informed consent be obtained.

Data protection law in research

Privacy and data protection law applied in the academic and research context; informed consent and anonymization; making research data freely accessible and re-usable.

Copyright and Data Protection

Open Science and Open Research Data

The legal framework, including both copyright and data protection, governing the distribution of research data online.

Social media and legal issues

Copyright and data protection aspects when using social media (social media's terms and conditions; informed consent; license to use; text & data mining; etc.).

Image rights

Copyright and data protection laws applied on images and photos made by others and depicting identifiable people (reusing images found online, quoting images, photos of public figures, sensitive data, etc.).

Overall training catalogue 2023/2024 (English only)