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We support Swiss Higher Education Institutions (students, academic and administrative staff) in dealing with legal questions related to the digitalization process and the use of new media and technologies. 


DMLawTool guides researchers through the most relevant legal aspects of research data management and proposes possible solution approaches to copyright and data protection issues. It has been developed by the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in collaboration with the University of Neuchâtel (UNINE) within the  P-5 programme “Scientific information” of swissuniversities. More detailed information about the tool can be found here. To access the tool, use the button below.



08.07.2024 – Delving Deeper into the New Federal Act on Data Protection

🎯 This visual summary highlights the key changes, principles and goals behind the new Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).This comprehensive reform is designed to enhance data privacy and security, providing robust protection for individuals and organisations alike....

22.05.2024 – Understanding Copyright Issues with Derivative Works

Understanding #copyright issues with #derivative#works: Insights inspired by the Zhan vs Dieschburg Case. Considering the recent Luxembourg court decision in the case of Jinjina Zhan and Jeff Dieschburg, we want to share some helpful #tips on navigating copyright...

25.04.2024 – GenAI in higher education

We just held a successful workshop on the legal aspects of Generative AI, addressing questions such as: If I "create" something with GenAI, who is the author - myself or the developer of the GenAI software? If I use the generated result, am I reproducing the...

18.04.2024 – Workshop on Legal Aspects of GenAI in Lugano

AI tools make it possible to generate different works very quickly, but have you ever wondered who is the author of an AI-generated result? In the next Brown Bag Lunch to be held on April 25, our expert on copyright law Suzanna Marazza will address some of the legal...

01.03.2024 Brown Bag Series

Dive into 5 perspectives of Generative AI in higher education through 5 dynamic workshops in Lugano! Plus, join us for a specific workshop by CCdigitallaw - Competence Center in digital law, delving into legal challenges (the workshop will be held in Italian). Don't...

08.02.2024 – Eduhub days 2024

The eLab and the CCdigitallaw of the Università della Svizzera italiana just participated at the EduHub days 2024 discussing Learning Spaces and of course, exploring copyright in the context of physical and digital education. Questions and answers about what is...

07-08.02.2024 – Ccdigitallaw at the Eduhub days 2024

During the Eduhub days 2024 we provide cards with questions related to copyright in learning spaces. Here you can find the answers: 1. Can I show a YouTube video during a public event at the University of Zurich? No. While YouTube is freely accessible, videos without...

Regulatory Framework: Zweitveröffentlichungsrecht und Open Access als regulatorische Herausforderung

17.11.2023 Report (Deutsch) In collab. with Regulatory Framework, project by swissuniversities Report

03.10.2023 Video on Second Publication Right

We just released the video about Republishing Scientific Articles as Open Access (The Second Publication Right), made within Regulatory Framework and Universities as learning communities, projects by swissuniversities.

19.09.2023 – Recording of the webinar “How to distribute an already published article as Open Access?”

It's online the recording of the webinar "How to distribute an already published article as Open Access?" which took place 31.08.2023 and was made within the project Regulatory Framework.