CCdigitallaw is a national Competence Center in Digital Law that supports Swiss Higher Education Institutions (students, academic and administrative staff) in dealing with legal questions related to the digitization process and the use of digital technologies.

In particular it focuses on aspects related to COPYRIGHT (licensing agreements, open access, Creative Commons licenses, image rights, AI, etc.) and DATA PROTECTION / PRIVACY (personal and sensitive data, anonymization, pseudonymization, etc.) and the elaboration of terms of use, privacy policies and disclaimers.

Through its online platform the center offers a detailed KNOWLEDGE BASE, FAQs, a wide range of on-and offline TRAINING ACTIVITIES mainly adapted for a non-legal audience and an ADVISING SERVICE. All in FOUR LANGUAGES: English, French, German and Italian.

It engages in making the sometimes complex and difficult to understand legal language accessible and comprehensible also to non-experts, allowing to raise awareness on legal issues.


CCdigitallaw is a service provided by the eLearning Lab of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and is the result of a project funded within the P-5 programme “Scientific information: access, treatment and safeguarding” of swissuniversities.



Anna Picco-Schwendener, PhD – Program Manager

Suzanna Marazza, MLaw

Pasqualina Sibio

The technical maintenance of the platform www.ccdigitallaw.ch is guaranteed by USI’s eLearning Lab (Ivan Pavic)



Previous collaborators:

–       Melanie Graf, MLaw (UNIBAS)

–       Marcello Baggi, avv. (USI – Institute of Public Communication)

–       Yves Bauer, MLaw (UNINE – Faculté de droit


During the project phase the following people contributed to the creation of CCDigitalLaw:

Legal Experts:

–       lic. iur. Marcello Baggi (USI – Institute of Public Communication)

–       prof. Bertil Cottier (USI – Institute of Public Communication)

o    Yves Bauer, MLaw (UNINE – Faculté de droit)

o    prof. Vincent Salvadé (UNINE);

o    ass. iur. Romy Daedelow (UNIBAS),

o    lic. iur. Danielle Kaufmann (UNIBAS),

o    Melanie Graf, MLaw (UNIBAS),

o    prof. Nathalie Tissot (UNINE)

External legal experts:

o    dr. Yaniv Benhamou (UNIGE),

o    ass. Prof. Daniel Hürlimann (UNISG)

o    dr. Matthias Seemann

eLearning experts:

o    dr. Pierre-Yves Burgi (UNIGE),

o    dr. Anna Picco-Schwendener (USI),

o    dr. Stefano Tardini (USI),

o    Laura Peter (Libertino) (USI),

o    Selene Gervasoni (USI),

o    Branislava Trifkovic (USI)

o    Bineta Ndiaye Mbaye (UNIGE)

o    Elsa Sancey (UNIGE)

Technical implementation of the platform:

o    Goran Jozic (former USI – eLearning Lab);

o    Ivan Pavic (USI – eLearning Lab);

o    Andrea Schttino (USI – eLearning Lab);

Business development expert:

o    Umberto Bondi (USI – CP StartUp)


For any request, please contact us at the following address: info@ccdigitallaw.ch