5b.1 Creative Commons Licences

CC licences are copyright licences for works.

Creative Commons licences are pre-formulated basic licences for works protected by copyright:  CC licences can be used for texts, photographs, images, films, drawings, music, STL files for 3D printers, etc. (for computer programs best use free and open source software licences). Authors or holders of copyrights can use CC licences to licence their rights to use their works to all interested users.

There are six different CC licences, which are made up of four different licence elements:

4 licence elements

BY (Attribution)
SA (Share Alike)
NC (Non Commercial)
ND (No Derivatives)

6 CC Licences

The four licence elements concern the scope of the rights to use granted and the conditions which must be fulfilled when a copy or a derivative version of a CC work is distributed (e.g. sold, given away or otherwise distributed).