Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

By accessing to www.ccdigitallaw.ch, platform that includes all pages and services contained therein, the User agrees to the following Terms & Conditions. In the absence of such consent, the User must refrain from accessing the platform and from requesting training and advising services offered by CCdigitallaw.


  • What is CCdigitallaw
    The national Competence Center in Digital Law (CCdigitallaw) supports Swiss Higher Education Institutions (students, academic and administrative staff) in dealing with legal questions related to the digitization process and the use of digital technologies. Through its online platform the CCdigitallaw offers a detailed KNOWLEDGE BASEFAQs, a wide range of on-and offline TRAINING ACTIVITIES mainly adapted for a non-legal audience and an ADVISING SERVICE. The CCdigitallaw can also be contacted for specific training activities and advising service.Originally, the CCdigitallaw was a project funded within the P-5 programme Scientific information: access, treatment and safeguarding of swissuniversities. During the project phase the following universities contributed to the creation of the CCdigitallaw and of the platform ccdigitallaw.ch:
    • USI Università della Svizzera italiana; Via Buffi 13, CH- 6900 Lugano;
    • Universität Basel, beteiligt über die Universitätsbibliothek Basel und die Konferenz der Universitätsbibliotheken der Schweiz (KUB), Schönbeinstrasse 18-20, CH-4056 Basel;
    • Université de Neuchâtel, Avenue du 1er-Mars 26, CH-2000 Neuchâtel;
    • Université de Genève, 24 rue du Général-Dufour, CH – 1211 Genève 4.
  • Since 2019, the CCdigitallaw is a service provided by the eLearning Lab of the Università della Svizzera italiana (hereinafter we/us/our). The current team manages the platform by keeping it up-to-date, guarantees to its technical maintenance and carries out the training activities and advising services throughout Switzerland.
    Contact information can be found in the “About” page.
  • Through the platform ccdigitallaw.ch (hereinafter “Website”) we provide a comprehensive range of digital law services, which are primarily aimed at (academic) staff, researchers and students at Swiss universities and higher education institutions and which focus on aspects related to COPYRIGHT (licensing agreements, open access, Creative Commons licenses, image rights, AI, etc.) and DATA PROTECTION / PRIVACY (personal and sensitive data, anonymization, pseudonymization, etc.) and the elaboration of terms of use, privacy policies and disclaimers. This offer includes, in particular, a knowledge database, a wide range of training courses and an advisory service in English, German, French and Italian.


  • Access and limited offer
    The Website is accessible free of charge. Users (hereinafter “User(s)”) have the opportunity to view and (interactively) use the content of the Website, in particular the Knowledge base, according to the license attached. Training activities and advisory services require a separate contractual agreement with CCdigitallaw, as it is subject to a charge depending on the case at hand, the effort and time needed for preparation. We offer Swiss higher education students and staff members a free advice to a limited number of simple questions; for all other users and for all more complex and time consuming questions, we first provide the User with and appropriate cost estimation for a professional answer defining in more detail the exact services and amount of the costs.
    We reserve the right to restrict or discontinue this free accessibility of the Website’s Knowledge base and of the free advisory service at any time.


  • Terms of use of the Website
    Simply by accessing to the Website and using its contents and services, the User acknowledges that they accept and abide by the following terms and conditions set by CCdigitallaw:


    • Copyright
      The content, images, photos, videos, texts, or any other data available on the Websites are the exclusive intellectual property of the CCdigitallaw or of any other explicitly mentioned rights owner. The works are protected within the framework of the applicable Swiss copyright law.
      • CCdigitallaw’s contents
        The content of the Website is understood to mean the website in its entirety, including its associated (sub-)elements, in particular the structure of the Website, the URL under which the Website can be accessed, the associated domain name, the sitemap, the texts, the (animated) images, any sounds composed for it, the trademarks and logos of CCdigitallaw. Contents on the Website are accessible to the public. Downloading or copying any content does not constitute any transfer of rights regarding the downloaded material. The user is granted the right to use the contents available on the Website in compliance with the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, except from the external contents not created by CCdigitallaw.
      • External contents
        External content, which means content not created by CCdigitallaw but added to the Website as suggested external material relevant to the topics covered by CCdigitallaw, is excluded from the abovementioned Creative Commons license and, if not otherwise licensed, may not be inserted, embedded or otherwise integrated into other internet websites. A pure linking to the content’s source is possible.


    • Processing personal data
      When processing personal data, we comply with the applicable Swiss Federal Law on Data Protection and the relevant cantonal laws on data protection.
      • Which information we collect and for what purposes we use it
        When the User visits the website we collect certain information about them, such as IP address, region from access, time of visit and pages visited.
        When the User contacts us (e.g. by email contact) we process certain personal data necessary to answer the inquiries. However, this personal data is only used with the prior consent of the User and only for the aforementioned purpose. The data will not be passed on to third parties.
        We sometimes use a tool through which a User can register to an event we organize or can fix an appointment with our team. When using this tool, the User provides certain information, such as name, surname and email address. These personal data allow us to better organise the event or the appointment and pursue our goal of providing training and advising activities to Swiss higher education institutions.
      • Third parties
        We process personal data for internal uses only. We do not further share, sell or anyhow pass on User’s personal data to third parties, except as otherwise provided in this Terms & Conditions.
      • Cookies and tracking
        We use WordPress to provide our Website and a tool called Matomo to measure interactivities on our Website. It is possible that they collect personal data, such as IP-address, user’s region and pages visited when the user visits a page of our Website. These are small text files that are stored temporarily and locally on the User’s computer when visiting a website. The IP address is anonymized immediately, so that Users remain anonymous to CCdigitallaw. Cookies are used to analyze the usage behavior of a user when calling up a website and thus enables the use of the website to be individually adapted to the user. When accessing to our Website, Users have the option to immediately refuse to the use of cookies. The use of cookies can also be prevented by a setting in the respective browser. However, it cannot be ruled out that in such cases certain services of the Website cannot be used to their full extent.
        Data gathered via WordPress and Matomo is used by us according to this Terms & Conditions and used by Matomo according to its policies (https://matomo.org/matomo-cloud-privacy-policy/) or by WordPress according to its policies (https://wordpress.org/about/privacy/).
        We do not use advertisements on our Website nor process User’s personal data on our social media platforms channels to promote our business and/or our activities.
      • Retention of personal data
        We keep the User’s personal data for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and processed. The length of time we retain personal data for depends on the purposes for which we collect and use it and/or as required to comply with applicable laws and to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights. We keep User’s personal information strictly confidential and secure.
      • Deleting personal data
        As subject of the personal data the User has certain rights in relation to their personal information. The User may request that we delete their personal data or provide them with a copy of their personal data by contacting us via info@ccdigitallaw.ch.


  • Liability
    In the contents of the Website, external links may refer to third-party websites. These links have been checked several times by our team, who is not liable for the correctness and legality of the linked content. We will nevertheless make every effort to randomly check the content of the links.
    The User visits the Website basically on their own full responsibility. To the extent permitted by law, the liability of CCdigitallaw or the involved persons for direct or indirect damages resulting from the access and use of the Website by the User is excluded.
    The User is solely responsible for the setup of the computer hardware s/he uses.The User is solely responsible for the setup of the computer hardware s/he uses.
    For these reasons, CCdigitallaw is in particular not responsible for:
    • misuse of the Internet, e.g. through the use of malicious programs;
    • possible operational disturbances in the network;
    • the accessibility to information on the Internet due to other failures or operational disruptions by technical equipment or networks due to events beyond CCdigitallaw’s control or force majeure;
    • the processing, downloading or other improper use of personal data by third parties without the consent of the Users and without this being the responsibility of CCdigitallaw or its team. We will take the necessary and legally prescribed care to protect personal data from unlawful access by third parties. Nevertheless, we cannot completely exclude the possibility that, despite all care taken in the transmission of data on the Internet, there are security gaps that allow third parties to access data.
  • Applicable Law
    The Website and these Terms & Conditions are governed by Swiss law.