What is the blank media levy and who pays it?

Good to know

The blank media levy is a fee for the private copying of protected works on analogue and digital phonograms, audiovisual and other data carriers which are suitable for recording/storing and playing music, films, images and other data. Besides conventional audiotapes and video cassettes, blank CDs and DVDs, blank media also includes digital storage media on audio/video recorders, mobile telephones or on tablets. Anyone who manufactures such carriers or imports them into Switzerland owes remuneration to the author pursuant to Art. 20 para. 3 CopA; however, claims for remuneration may only be asserted by collecting societies. Depending on the blank media or storage medium in question, the fees are regulated in joint tariffs. (c.f. Joint Tariff 4 and 4i of SUISA). However, the manufacturers or producers of such media usually pass this fee on to the consumers. In reality, this means that a fee will be indirectly charged to consumers for private use.