Joint authorship and derivative works often exist in the case of audiovisual and multimedia works

To consider

Often, several people are involved in the creation of audiovisual and multimedia works (director, screen writer, cameraman, film editor, sound engineer, producer, etc.). Unless otherwise contractually agreed between the participants, joint authorship usually exists (Art. 7 CopA). The situation is different for film music. Here it is important to distinguish whether the music used in the film was composed before the production of the film or for the film itself. Joint authorship can only exist in the latter case. In the former case, the composer alone keeps his original sole copyright in the work.

If a pre-existing work such as a novel is used for the filming of an audiovisual or a multimedia work, or an existing film is used to produce a multimedia teaching work, a derivative work (Art. 3 CopA) can exist. This also applies to film music when it involves compositions which have arisen independently of a film, but which are edited for a film.