Required consent

To consider

Pursuant to Art. 4 para. 2 CopA, works included in a collected work may be protected individually. Thus, if individual works from the collection fall under the protection of the Copyright Act, they do not lose this when they are compiled into a collection.

People who would like to create a collected work from the individual works of other authors must be aware that these individual works can be protected by copyright (e.g. in the case of an article for a specialist magazine). When this is the case, they require the consent of the respective author of the individual work.People who in turn would like to use such a collected work (e.g. make it available online) must consider two things: if they only want to use the content, they must check whether it is protected by copyright and if necessary obtain the consent of the respective authors of the individual works. If they also want (or perhaps only) to use the arrangement or the selection of the collection, then they require the consent of the author of the collection.