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The DMLawTool guides researchers through the most relevant legal aspects of research data management and proposes possible solution approaches to copyright and data protection issues.

It answers questions such as: 

  • Is my research data protected by copyright and if yes, do I own the rights? (Copyright)
  • Which license should I choose for my data? (Copyright, Licensing)
  • How can I share my research data as Open Access?  (Copyright)
  • What are Creative Commons Licenses and how can I use them for my research data? (Copyright)
  • Am I allowed to re-use research data found on a research data archive or online? (Copyright)
  • What is personal data? What is sensitive data? (Data Protection)
  • What do I have to consider when working with personal data? (Data Protection)
  • What is the difference between anonymization and pseudonymisation? (Data Protection)
  • When is my research data truly anonymized? (Data Protection)

The tool has been officially launched at the end of March, 2021, and is available to everyone for free.

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Developed By:

DMLawTool has been developed by the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in collaboration with the University of Neuchâtel (UNINE) within the  P-5 programme “Scientific information” of swissuniversities.


Dr. Anna Picco-Schwendener (USI, eLab, with the support of Branislava Trifkovic (USI, eLab).

Content development:

Technical implementation:

Ivan Pavic (USI, eLab)

Graphic design:

Mattia Pera (USI, eLab)