Copyright protection does not only exist for “artistic and literary creations”

Good to know

The law only mentions “artistic and literary creations” in Art. 2 para. 1 CopA. However, the restriction to literature and art is far too narrow and not decisive. For example, scientific works and computer programs can also be protected works without belonging to the category of artistic and literary creations. As a result, they are mentioned later on in the Copyright Act, such as in Art. 2 para. 2 (a) CopA “scientific linguistic works” and Art. 2 para. 2 (d) CopA “works with scientific or technical content”, and computer programs are considered to be a work pursuant to Art. 2 para. 3 CopA. However, scientific works and computer programs, too, must always fulfil the conditions specified in Art. 2 para. 1 CopA (expressed human intellectual creation with individual character). This is not always the case for scientific works when only the “scientific idea” is put to paper and lacks an original form of expression.