2.2.3-1 May the logo of a university be used on the Internet page of an in-house university project by university employees without any consent?


No, consent is required. The logo of a university is basically protected by copyright (and also by trademark law), so it cannot just be used without further ado. The university is the owner of rights for the logo and must therefore give its consent. However, many universities have their own regulations or guidelines which specify how the logos can be used, and by whom. For example, the University of Basel specifies that the university logo may only be used by units and employees of the University of Basel; however, people not connected to the university must obtain consent at the corresponding office of the university (”logos & templates” of the University of Basel). If employees of the University of Basel were involved in the above-mentioned case, they would be permitted to use this logo for their project page; the consent of the university is given as a result of the afore-mentioned regulation.