Webinar: How to distribute an already published article as Open Access?

Within the project Regulatory Framework financed by swissuniversities, CCdigitlalaw is proposing an intensive webinar on the topic of Copyright & Second Publication Right in Switzerland.
The webinar is addressed to all interested people and especially to librarians and those who support researchers in the publication process.

The 1h30min long webinar will first provide a short overview on copyright in academia, and then dive into Swiss legislation regulating the contractual relationship between researchers and publishers, with a particular focus on the possibility of republishing scientific articles as Open Access. The webinar will show what is currently possible and in what directions possible future developments might go.

  • Overview on Copyright (15’)
    • The goal of copyright protection
    • Conditions for a work to be protected
    • Length of protection – public domain
    • Author vs Right holder
    • Principle of Territoriality
  • The publishing contract according to the Swiss law (45’)
    • The Code of Obligations (CO)
    • Contractual freedom and imperative law
    • The publishing contract (art. 380 CO)
      • Parties involved
      • Obligations of the parties
      • Duration of the publishing contract
    • The possibility of republishing as open access (art. 382 CO)
    • Which national law applies?
  • Recap-quiz (15’)
  • Discussion (10’)

The webinar will be held in English on Thursday, 31st August 2023 from 13:00 to 14:30 online on Microsoft Teams.
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