Mon, 29 May 2017 11:00


Have you already heard about Creative Commons (CC) Licenses? Certainly, but do you know how to use them?

In the context of education, everyone needs to use and to publish digital contents. However, users always have to be careful not to infringe copyrights of the contents they use. If properly used, Creative Commons Licenses could be an easy to use solution to deal with copyright issues.In this webinar, we will teach you the scope of CC licences, how to use them to publish your own contents and how to find and use contents that is labeled with a CC License. To do so we will present you the different rights and licenses and propose a systematic method to choose/apply the right license. The webinar is interactive and based on real cases, in order to address your specific needs.

By Hermine Lacour (presentation) and Stefano Tardini, USI (welcome & presentation of CCDigitalLaw paltform)


Hermine Lacour

Hermine Lacour is a member of the CCDL and a scientific collaborator at the University of Neuchâtel. Before and during her PhD, she worked in legal services for various firms specializing in ICT based in France and Switzerland. Her research looks at the application of intellectual property and contract law in the context of software. Her approach is to focus on the legal analysis of technical aspects, and to use a comparative approach between laws of Switzerland, France and the United States. Currently she works mainly on the specific questions of free and open source licenses, data protection and open data, and has been involved in various research projects related to these topics.