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With the help of Creative Commons licenses you can easily define how people can use, share, reuse, distribute and modify your works, and tell them with the help of six different and easy understandable licenses. Discover here what exactly Creative Commons licenses are, how you can use them to define the copyrights for you own works and how you can find other works licensed under Creative Commons on the Internet.

Have a look at the FAQs to see frequently asked questions regarding Creative Commons, learn more about the licenses by looking through the chapters on Creative Commons in our knowledge base, check out possible trainings and webinars and finally find a selection of useful external resources.


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Learn more about Creative Commons by having a look at the following chapters. Chapter 5b.1 is currently available only in German but the English version is coming soon.


Webinar on Creative Commons

This webinar was held in English by Hermine Lacour. Here you can access the recording of the webinar, the presentation slides and the Q&A factsheet.



Training Catalogue

Inside the training catalogue you can find a vast selection of training topics and formats, among which also a course on "Creative Commons" (p.11)


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Creative Commons licences explained                    
Creative Commons - what, how, why
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