During the Eduhub days 2024 we provide cards with questions related to copyright in learning spaces.

Here you can find the answers:

1. Can I show a YouTube video during a public event at the University of Zurich?

No. While YouTube is freely accessible, videos without a Creative Commons license are meant for individual use only. Any additional and wider use requires specific permission. Even though the event serves an educational purpose, its open access to the public without registration falls outside the educational purposes exception of art. 19/1/b Swiss Copyright Act.
It is recommended to seek permission from the right holder or obtain a license to use through the collective society (SSA for audiovisuals or Swissperform for films).

2. Can I upload a textbook to the Moodle course of my class?

If the textbook is available for purchase (either in a physical or in a digital shop), only an excerpt can be uploaded onto the Moodle course and shared with the students of the class. An excerpt implies that there should still be an interest in buying the entire textbook.

3. Can I upload an entire book that is no longer available commercially but useful for my students to my Moodle course?

Yes, since the book is no longer in stock, and the publisher does not offer it for sale, not even in digital format, a teacher is allowed to share a complete copy with their students.

4. Can I create a podcast about a scientific article and share it with my students?

Yes, you can also share it with a broader audience, just avoid reading the article verbatim during your podcast. Anyone is allowed to get inspired by existing protected works, as long as they are not reproduced. Quotations are also permitted, provided that the quoted work serves as demonstration for the quoting work, and proper attribution is given to the authors of the quoted work.

5. Can I embed a YouTube video in my course slides?

In principle, you can embed a video if it’s already available to the audience you are showing it to. For example, YouTube allows embedding since it’s accessible to everyone, but you can’t embed entire Netflix videos as they’re restricted to specific audiences (remember that the teaching exception permits only the sharing of excerpts of works).
Moreover, you can’t embed a video if the embedding process technically creates a copy of the video on your computer.